Grandpa Kitchen And The Simple Cooking

Several shows on the TV have attempted to promote culinary skills with even celebrities donning the apron, but you may not have seen anything like this. I caught a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers called ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ (not ‘Grandpa’s Kitchen’) featuring an aged man cooking Indian and western delicacies in the open with some youngsters as assistants, and err…peering pets. The delicious stuff is then distributed to some less fortunate beings for charity. But what’s so unique about this cooking “show”? At the onset, I was surprised to watch the straightforward chef bake a huge pizza using basic skills & equipment! Because you’d imagine pizza-making at home might require, besides an oven and the ingredients, some expert culinary skills, but cheers to the grand old cook who never fails to prove you wrong using just the everyday kitchen appliances with confidence. Then with each video, he carries his adept cooking skills to create some more restaurant-styled delicacies such as doughnuts, KFC-styled crispy chicken, french fries, etc. It’s exasperating to watch the endless list of mouthwatering stuff being made in such simple terms. I just have one disagreement with the food being cooked in the open environment which could pose a public health risk.