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Bhooshan Pandya is a UX consultant & Product Designer with more than 12 years of experience in representing global brands within cross-cultural teams in many countries. He brings his customer-centric vision to projects and is an ardent advocate of ‘design-thinking’ for co-creating solutions that create value for both the business and users. While working with a product he follows the objective of designing an experience which is enjoyable, engaging, and enduring.


Saving Private Ryan -“Earn It”

‘Saving Private Ryan’ is one of those rare movies which I may have caught probably a dozen times. And it breaks me every time I watch the bridge scene at the end where a mortally wounded Captain Miller is feebly uttering to Private Ryan – “James…earn this…earn it…”, a grim reminder that he was saved by […]

Baahubali’s Fantasy Adventure Is Amazing!

After brooding over my choice to watch the Baahubali films (BB) for years I finally garnered the motivation to catch up on the series yesterday, both flicks back-to-back. Frankly, I have become sceptical to watch mythological/historical period films with the current spate of drab historical Bollywood offerings not providing any entertainment value per se. And […]

‘Muramba’ Is Just As Sweet As It Sounds!

The lush warmth of Pune’s sunshine apart, ‘Muramba’ conveyed the quintessential, endearing Marathi culture in oodles and that in itself totally won my heart. I chose to relish this scrumptious cinema on a frigid evening yesterday with only one desire in mind, and that was to enjoy a good Marathi movie. And, oh boy! ‘Muramba’ didn’t […]

Pondering Over The Lyrics Of ‘Ghar’

Like most verses of my time, I pondered over the use of a ‘home’ (Ghar) in a romantic song like ‘Ghar’ because, in isolation, the lyrics seemed detached from a plain break-up scenario. This melancholic song penned in Hindi by Irshad Kamil is a melodious composition by Pritam from the movie  ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, and […]

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