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Bhooshan Pandya is a UX consultant & Product Designer with more than 12 years of experience in representing global brands within cross-cultural teams in many countries. He brings his customer-centric vision to projects and is an ardent advocate of ‘design-thinking’ for co-creating solutions that create value for both the business and users. While working with a product he follows the objective of designing an experience which is enjoyable, engaging, and enduring.

Revisiting The Old ‘Blogspot’ Times

While perusing the Internet I stumbled upon my old blog write-ups from 2002-2005 which were created on Blogger. It felt good going back to those writings to get a personal sense of how much times have changed me. The posts were more or less written as diary notes quite mindless of the anxiety that it was meant for public viewing. In a way, I’m glad I wrote them because it evokes a sense of nostalgia in me. Take, for instance, this note from my amazing 2002 holiday in Hong Kong where I was still applying my latent photographic skills using my Dad’s old film Pentax camera. It also mentions some connections from that era which I have left behind (or rather they have moved forward) and had I not mentioned them in this post I assure you I’d have no realization left of them. Honestly, it feels great to come across a missing testimony of my time from the past decade which was lost in the surge of the Internet before social media completely swooped down upon my existence. It also brings the heartache as to why I stopped personal blogging.

This one’s pretty interesting. One of my last personal notes was in 2005 where I state that the Mumbai Metro would start in 2013 and it did start services on the Versova-Ghatkopar line almost a decade later in 2014. Now for those of you wondering why I stopped blogging on Blogspot, time constraints apart this account was probably the last one I operated on a public domain before moving on to blogging on my personal domain, in that, I was the first individuals to adapt to WordPress as a blogging tool for its wide array of plugins. Sadly those early posts have been lost due to a server crash in 2005! And before I started blogging on it served as a canvas for my creative urges, but not as a full-fledged online portfolio, which has now moved to

Now the question remains, what should I do about my old Blogger account? Well, the verdict is still out. :-)

3 Things I Disliked About ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’

As of my previous writing, I’m into my third play of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (UTLL) and I feel pretty exhausted already. On repeated play throughs I have concluded that there are several aspects about the game which I dislike, and which I believe could have been handled appropriately. Having said that I strongly believe that there’s future for Uncharted beyond Nathan Drake although I’m still perplexed about the unwarranted compulsions behind bidding the character of Nathan Drake (and perhaps Scully), a ceremonious adieu in Uncharted 4.

Eventually with UTLL I felt the gaming experience was below par with the rest of the Uncharted series but there were 3 things in particular which I disliked the most.

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This Could Solve The Magic Mouse Cable Riddle!

I came across this amazing Qi pad discount article (source below) that sparked a design inspiration, as my mind went back to the September Apple Keynote which introduced Qi wireless charging support for the newer iPhone 8 and X series. Among the other impressive concepts that I’ve seen is the IKEA wireless smartphone charging built into ubiquitous, everyday objects. Advancing this concept of wireless charging to even greater lengths with the Magic Mouse 2 might help reduce the cable cobweb from our daily life.

IKEA Wireless Charging System

IKEA Wireless Charging System

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Instagram Old and New App Icon

Instagram Used Co-Creation For Its New Icon Design

Last year, Instagram changed its skeuomorphic icon branding to a purplish logo and it was only recently that I came across the design process on Fast CoDesign.

Instagram’s Design Head Ian Spalter, guided the branding exercise into a co-creation session. The write-up from the FastCoDesign article mentions…

At first, Spalter was most concerned with figuring out what elements people recognized most about the admittedly very complex and highly detailed Instagram logo. So he started by asking the whole company to draw the logo from memory in 10 seconds or less. “That gave us a sense of what was burned in,” Spalter says. What emerged were the camera lens, the rounded shape of the icon, and, surprisingly, the little black viewfinder in the top right corner.

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Daddy Movie Poster

1 Reason You Should Watch ‘Daddy’

There were many reasons for watching this movie on the underworld gang lord-turned-politician Arun Gawli one of which being my roots in Mumbai city and Gawli’s charisma as a gangster-turned-politician. I was tempted to call Daddy a ‘biopic’ but it takes a rather beaten path than following facts, a lot of creative freedom has been taken to weave a dramatic story. But it’s based on the characters around Gawli and I’m a huge fan of movies that bring the retro look alive on the big screen, in particular my favourite decade, the 80s. The other reason for my anticipation of Daddy was the director Ashim Ahluwalia. I was very impressed with his previous classic ‘Miss Lovely’ which catapulted a lesser known Nawazuddin Siddiqui onto the international stage. It was a brilliant movie set in the 80s Bombay just like Daddy.

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