Giving up on ‘InFamous: Second Son’!

Being a gamer and someone who takes his challenges much seriously, it’s particularly harder for me to accept that I am giving up on ‘InFamous: Second Son‘. This is a great game, the greatest exclusive perhaps on the PS4 made by Sucker Punch, and I am sad not only because I wasn’t able to beat the ‘He Who Dwells’ boss fight, but I would be left deprived of the most amazing game experiences just for not beating this boss fight. It hurts. But I tried my best – I watched videos and read tips online, and concluded that I am not ready yet to jump platforms over lava AND engage with multiple targets at the same time. The last time I faced such a difficult challenge in a boss fight was with Kessler in ‘InFamous’ on PS3 and I quit after like spending months trying to beat him. Thankfully, that fight was the last boss fight of the game and I had played the game mostly. Maybe I will return to Second Son in the distant future, but for now, I am giving it complete rest because I need some rest too.