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Bhooshan Pandya is a UX consultant & Product Designer with more than 12 years of experience in representing global brands within cross-cultural teams in many countries. He brings his customer-centric vision to projects and is an ardent advocate of ‘design-thinking’ for co-creating solutions that create value for both the business and users. While working with a product he follows the objective of designing an experience which is enjoyable, engaging, and enduring.

Groopy - Mobile App

Groopy – Designing a Community Mobile Experience

A detailed piece on how I designed Groopy in redefining a community experience

When the launch of the Business Edge Alumni Network was proposed I became involved in designing the brand identity for the group beginning with my research on the diverse community. This network is a place for industry professionals to leverage their collective aspirations and experience in advancing career growth within Canada. The network today is coexisting through the WhatsApp platform which entails several privacy issues. I believed, this privacy concern needed to be addressed, where the need to give personal information to make connections online could be prevented while the data could live on the encrypted servers. Most importantly, my goal was to integrate a community professionally moving away from the core definition of ‘social networking’. The overall focus of this inspired me to conceptualize a mobile app which I named ‘Groopy’.


Social media has built a phenomenal character for users in a ‘social networking’ environment and allowing them easy transaction of personal data such as text, images, video, and opinions in general. My first concept banked upon connecting people outside of the typical ‘social networking’ definition, a professional network that is nurtured in exchanging views but those which are not meant to be ‘shared’ outside the realm of the network due to its structure of belonging only within the current stream of thought. Thus the goal of Groopy is to connect groups of people on an enterprise platform as illustrated below, and it’s an antithesis of a social network.

Social Media vs Groopy Platform

An overview of how Groopy differs from conventional Social Media.

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Dear UPS, This Should Be Your Delivery Strategy!

No matter how hard I try I always seem a bummer when it comes to receiving packages at home, especially with UPS’ odd delivery acts. Here’s a journey map with a ‘mood meter’ to illustrate my purchase experience.

The Ups and Downs

UPS Customer Journey Map

I browsed a book I liked at a local bookstore and bought it on Amazon from the mobile app. I received an email that my package has been shipped with UPS with a tracking number and an approximate delivery date. I wait for the package to arrive on the same day but nothing happens. Surprisingly, UPS has stuck a note at the entrance (embarrassingly for the world to see) that I missed the package, and the reason provided was that the customer wasn’t available to receive the package!

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Jimmy Kimmel On Mass Shooting At Las Vegas

I don’t think anyone could have articulated the emotions of this tragic incident in words that Jimmy has managed to do. It’s not just the mass shooting at Las Vegas which is a horrific incident to recount but his profound use of words that brought tears to my eyes. He’s just brilliant!

Co-Creation in Hiring for UX

The Role of Co-Creation in Hiring for UX

A case for using a ‘co-creation’ process for hiring UX Designers.

I prefer working in a Co-Creation design process for products, which looks like this.

DEFINE (The Problem) ⟶ ORGANIZE (The Information) ⟶ CONCEIVE & ANALYZE (The Ideas) ⟶ BUILD (The Prototypes) ⟶ DISCUSS/ITERATE (On The Feedback)  ⟶ IMPROVE (The Design). Loopback until I get to a design solution which works for the user in a co-creation process.

The purpose of a ‘Co-Creation’ session is to assemble a group of people you’re designing for and include them in the design process.

This ensures that, of all the other things, I get a chance to capture divergent insights in drawing an empathetic view of how a product could be perceived and used. So why not use the co-creation process in hiring for UX?

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‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ is a Breathtaking Experience!

I’m almost through playing ‘Uncharted – The Lost Legacy’ (UTLL), and like my previous experience with Uncharted 4 I’m not just glued to the engrossing gameplay but also the breathtaking open world landscape! The level of details from India in UTLL are just fascinating – whether it’s the soaking wet landscape of the Western Ghats region, the Hoysala architecture and the mythical stories of Hindu Gods and the INSAS rifles used by the Indian military. Talking of weapons, my favourite of course is the very rare Silenced Gun for obvious reasons!

I don’t miss Nathan Drake, who made his final appearance in Uncharted 4, since the gameplay carries forward his legacy through Chloe! And there’s always the treasure hunting which keeps me busy. Just hoping that Naughty Dog would feature Chloe in a more elaborate story setting in their next Uncharted game.

Without giving away too much, I found one level annoying (and a potential reason for my nausea) with ups and downs on the the rugged terrain in a vehicle hoping to find treasures & tokens, and solving puzzles (tip: go for the ‘Queen’s Ruby’!). That, and the picking of the crates which becomes more challenging as the game progresses. But still, looking forward to the rest of the game and the climax! Enjoy the breathtaking screen grabs from my gameplay in the meantime.

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