‘Muramba’ Is Just As Sweet As It Sounds!

Muramba - Movie PosterThe lush warmth of Pune’s sunshine apart, ‘Muramba’ conveyed the quintessential, endearing Marathi culture in oodles and that in itself totally won my heart. I chose to relish this scrumptious cinema on a frigid evening yesterday with only one desire in mind, and that was to enjoy a good Marathi movie. And, oh boy! ‘Muramba’ didn’t just entertain me, but the cosiness and the envious modesty of an urbane middle-class household, the sunny locales, not to mention the constant references to delectable Indian food, and alongside some unpretentious performances by the actors left me completely homesick!

So, Alok (Amey Wagh) and Indu (Mithila Palkar) are passing through some rough weather in their love tale and the parents step into a mentoring role for these youngsters. But that’s not all because there are personality issues to cope with before our man ties the knot. Which is why the agenda is not just limited to bringing the estranged couple together but also to inculcate the essence of life into their tender premature minds. And who could be more qualified to do this job than a paradoxical pair of doting parents who believe in having a friendly chat with their kids? In that, it’s so heartwarming to see the absence of a typical “I told you so” and “you better listen to me” nature of domineering banter that generally outlines a father-son relationship, rather what you experience makes you wonder if this is indeed the real interpretation of ‘Parenting 101’! Enough said. If homey Marathi family dramas suit your taste then you must watch ‘Muramba’, and warm the cockles of your heart.