Weather Woes Welcome 2018

It’s quite natural to speak about weather systems in Canada, and especially about its infamous winters. So at the time of this writing as I welcome 2018, the area of Southern Ontario (including Toronto) is under a spell of extremely cold temperatures with a warning to this effect also being issued by the Environment Canada. With the mercury dipping staggeringly over the past holiday season and moving towards the new year, the temperatures now feel anywhere between -26°C to -30°C. It would come as a surprise that I am writing about the cold temperatures in the middle of the winter season, but trust me when I say this, that the winter hasn’t been so severe over the past 2 seasons. A few layers of warm clothes was all that I needed to step out in the chill which didn’t last long, however, this season has come as a wake-up call in which I have had to even cover my face from getting ‘burned’ by the frigid cold air! For now, I am eager to see some warmth, and even the slightest indication of a rising mercury would make things better.