This Could Solve The Magic Mouse Cable Riddle!

I came across this amazing Qi pad discount article (source below) that sparked a design inspiration, as my mind went back to the September Apple Keynote which introduced Qi wireless charging support for the newer iPhone 8 and X series. Among the other impressive concepts that I’ve seen is the IKEA wireless smartphone charging built into ubiquitous, everyday objects. Advancing this concept of wireless charging to even greater lengths with the Magic Mouse 2 might help reduce the cable cobweb from our daily life.

IKEA Wireless Charging System

IKEA Wireless Charging System

There’s one product from Apple’s farm which has consistently been in the crosshairs of critics for its elegant design yet suffering from a serious ergonomics flaw, which is the Magic Mouse 2. Critics are irked for its glaring design gaffe that places the Lightning port underneath the surface and prevents the users from using it while being recharged. It’s been rated as the most awful design to come from Apple which is globally respected for its appetite in setting high benchmarks in product design, from the iPhones to iPads and the Macbooks! On the other hand, observing the slim form factor of the Magic Mouse 2 one is compelled to acknowledge the lack of surface area to berth the Lightning port, but it’s not a lost cause after all.

Magic Mouse 2

Recharging Upside Down

A New Wireless Charging Peripheral

The challenge is how do we charge the Magic Mouse 2 while in operation, without changing the form factor that is so distinctive from its competition. Wireless charging has to be an obvious choice here, but most importantly, the Qi Pad could have redesigned ergonomics an affordable, light weight wireless charging mouse pad for simultaneous charging & user interaction, as illustrated below! The challenges are yet to be seen with this kind of closer and continuous human interaction with the wireless charging station. But for now, I think this could drastically improve the user-experience without having to force the cable at awkward places for charging in the middle of an hectic workload.

Magic Mouse Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging while using the mouse

Such kind of a wireless charging peripheral could have a huge impact on the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. With cables fast becoming a folk lore and wireless charging coming to smartphone devices it’s high time we did something radical for the ever pervasive mouse which has been under our palms for decades. Let’s begin with the Magic Mouse and Qi for now!

What according to you is challenging in the implementation of a wireless charging mouse pad? And which other device or equipment in your opinion could improve its user-experience exceptionally with wireless charging? Let’s talk.

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