Refreshed Love for Mint

Mint is a super awesome web analytics tool for bloggers. For those who are unaware, Shaun Inman created Mint and you can find more details here. I have been intermittently using Mint since 2006 glancing into the web stats once in a while, but this weekend I updated the platform and the installed ‘peppers’. It’s not the usual ‘click-and-update’ update process for Mint which can seem bit challenging. After downloading the Pepper from the website, one has to upload using FTP and use the preferences to update the software. Apart from the beauty of the analytics what I also love about Mint is its branding — it’s range of associated and third-party plugins aptly called Peppers, while the place to find them ‘fresh’ is the Peppermill. This past weekend has seen a refreshed perspective and affinity towards Mint. Now, I am ‘Minted’ too.