Goodbye Yahoo! Photos

Current users might want to take note of this latest development. Yahoo! has decided to shut down it’s photo sharing service Yahoo! Photos and focus on its other twin, Flickr. I read this bit of rather surprising news on the Yodel blog. Curtains will formally come down on September 20, 2007 and the all the current users will be moved to a photo sharing service of their choice – Flickr, Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Photobucket. For a complete list of the FAQs, you can click here or visit this page.

Microsoft's video venture : Soapbox

It all began when YouTube offered free video upload and streaming through Flash. One could now subscribe to RSS feeds and also embed the video on their blog or website. The contest for capturing this exciting space (and thus the imagination of the user) had now begun in earnest. Just recently, Yahoo announced it’s arrival on the scene by taking over the online video sharing website called JumpCut.

Microsoft also is ready with it’s reply to YouTube and its ilk. The video upload & streaming project is codenamed “Warhol” but is finally going to be known as Soapbox, although features do not seem to be much different from YouTube’s. Only time can tell if Soapbox succeeds in its endeavour or melts with time.

Move Over Konfabulator

Here comes Kapsules, a freeware desktop widget engine built exclusively for the Windows system. It is built upon the Windows Scripting Technology and is reliant on the .NET framework for it’s working. While Konfabulator was earlier written for the Mac OS X System and later ported for Windows, Kapsules is exclusively designed to be used by Windows components. Check out the widgets available for Kapsules and also preview the Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets.