'Touch' Your Next iPod Now

iPod touchEver since the rumour mills were working over time, I had been waiting eagerly for the news about Apple’s new, much hyped iPod. There was a market speculation on the introduction of a touch-screen iPod which added to the frenzy. Yesterday THAT speculation turned into reality when Apple announced the iPod Touch alongwith upgraded versions of the other family members. My reactions are mixed for now.

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My iPod Gets a Makeover…Almost!

ipod-logo.jpgSteve Jobs announced new advancements in the iPod family earlier this month. To being with, download of Hollywood movie titles for the iPod via the iTunes Store. I just checked it and I was surprised to find some top titles over there. All time rocking studios including Miramax and Disney have pledged support for this service and already one can the results at the store. The a whole new range of colours for the iPod Nano and the new sleek design for the new iPod Shuffle.

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iPod Fantasies!

Apple iPod AdI have started listening to (read collect) a lot of MP3s. Generally I end up listening to them on my PC but off late I have started to miss my collection at my workpace :)) I seriously wish I had an iPod which could carry my collection along and entertain me in those tranquil moments. In the coming days, my aim is to own one. Or if some good samaritan is reading this, please gift me one ;))